Pope Francis Rails Against Modern ‘Throwaway Culture’

The economic system “seems fatally destined to suffocate hope and increase risks and threats.”

He quoted his namesake, St Francis of Assisi, in calling money the “devil’s dung,” according to Vatican Radio. “When money becomes an idol, it controls man’s choices,” he added. “It makes him a slave.”

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Cardinal George Pell slammed for lavish spending

THE Vatican spokesman on Friday condemned as “unworthy and petty” the leaks of documents detailing power struggles inside the Holy See and the expenditures of Pope Francis’ new finance tsar.
In a cover story on Friday, Italy’s L’Espresso weekly detailed opposition to Australian Cardinal George Pell’s financial reform and revealed that his Secretariat for the Economy had racked up a half-million dollars in expenditures in the last six months.
Some of the expenses seemed legitimate, but one was a 2508-euro ($2800) bill from Rome’s swanky Gamarelli tailor on robes. The paper said he also spent about $6650 on kitchen-sink fittings, paid an assistant a $21,600-a-month salary and has chosen to fly business class.
While Pope Francis is known to live modestly, Cardinal Pell is spending $5100-a-month on rent for an office and apartment, including $87,000 on new furniture.
The Vatican spokesman, Reverned Federico Lombardi, condemned the leaks as illegal and called the attacks on Cardinal Pell “unworthy and petty.”
He said Cardinal Pell’s office was moving ahead efficiently with reforms.
Pope Francis tasked Cardinal Pell last year to put the Vatican’s finances in order after years of mismanagement, waste and scandal.

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It strikes me that objecting to the cost of tailors--who can often make garments that last for decades--isn't exactly congruent with the notion of objecting to a throwaway culture.  :^)  I'm with objections to a throwaway culture, but I've got to be fair and note that some spending deemed as "lavish" may not be that bad.  For example, $5100/month rent is about 10,0000 square feet, or office space for maybe 20-30 people.  If I'm running a department for financial accountability with a number of auditors, this may not be excessive.

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