Missionaries say the China is kicking them out, one by one

"Last fall, missionary John Miller sat in the back row of an unregistered church in Sichuan province, worshipping as he had every Sunday morning for the past year and a half. Then eight police officers walked in." - WORLD

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One person expelled suggests that the police expelled him just to meet a quota--much like the Cossacks in Fiddler on the Roof had to have a pogrom to keep up appearances, really.  It suggests that the whole system is about to implode, because people who believe in what they are doing don't do it just to meet a quota.  They do it because they think it's important to the survival and success of the state.

Really, China is expelling missionaries because they realize that the country is close to a tipping point between Communism and freedom, and they are about to learn how well those missionaries have trained the Chinese nationals who cannot be deported.  Pray, and buckle your seat belts.

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