US Catholic bishops divided over Biden presidency

"Wednesday’s critical statement of Biden from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops put a spotlight on the fractured episcopacy in the country." - RNS

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As far as I can tell, the debate appears to be over exactly how much someone can contradict Catholic teaching, specifically Humanae Vitae, before the Church decides to tell that person they are no longer in fellowship.  We might do well to consider what we would do if we had such rebellion against God in one of our members.  For what issues would we do this?  What is the process we would follow?

The radical in me is quite frankly baffled at how long it's taking to discipline errant Catholics like Biden, Pelosi, and Cuomo.  But that said, I've never been in an evangelical church where people were seriously arguing that abortion ought to be supported by the government.  Would be interesting to see the fur fly if we suddenly did--I guess the closest evangelicals had was when Bill Clinton was President.  

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