Mississippi’s Gov. Frank “Boo” Burnham: “extreme liberals” have no place here

Pure marginalization. The progressives are making their move. There’s particularly nothing new here, except the newfound confidence they’re evincing that they enjoy enough popular support to pull it off.


The utter fecklessness of the media to report on or expose on Gov. Cuomo’s idiotic statements is telling. This is the way things are going here in the states, and do not be surprised to see his sentiments defended or expanded in the future by other so-called “Progressives”.

It’s not a matter of politics. It’s a hatred for truth or inconvenient viewpoints that must be silenced in order to establish their political dreams.

"Our task today is to tell people — who no longer know what sin is...no longer see themselves as sinners, and no longer have room for these categories — that Christ died for sins of which they do not think they’re guilty." - David Wells