What We Confess With Our Clothing

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Is Piper making too much of a stretch here?  I don't disagree with some of the points, but I wonder if he has taken it too far.  I struggle with making some of these connections.  Such as his quote, "We confess with our clothing that we are sinful, that we need to be cleansed, and that we must be covered until we’ve been made new." How does Christ wearing clothes relates to this?

Is Christ confessing his sinfulness?  Could clothes also be the result for protection because of the effects of the fall?  For warmth, for protection, shoes to protect our feet....  There are many functional elements of clothes, than just the need to confess our sinfulness.  I just can't make the leap that Piper makes here.  He write almost as if there is a Doctrine of Clothes.  Just not enough Scripture here in my opinion.