Should Churches Perform Altar Calls?

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For those who do believe in public invitations and altar calls, two excellent books on the subject:

“The Effective Invitation” by R. Alan Streett, Kregal; 2004.
“Giving a Good Invitation” by Roy J. Fish, Broadman Press; 1974.

David R. Brumbelow

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I do believe that enlightenment does occur entirely of God and indeed many men with great intentions do interfere by their methodology of an alter call , however, like the Ethiopian  under the call was in need of instruction of Phillip I believe those need instruction as close to the call as possible, The idea put forth in the article that this can take place over time by discipleship training fails to understand the time element as the spiritual enlightenment to repentance to profession.  The immediacy of the event of the Ethiopian from enlightenment to profession as evident.

I also see the "walk" as defeating the call of the flesh to "stay" as part of defining the decision, but I have no doctrinal foundation for this perception therefore only offer it as opinion.