Will Germany be Muslim in a generation? Demography is the Achilles heel of a democracy.

"If in a generation half or more than half of Germany’s population is Muslim and remains closer in spirit to the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa than adopting the cultural attitudes of the West, how do you think that will play out in its democracy?"

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Interesting article. We shouldn't think of just Germany as a future Islamic country. Many countries in Europe are in the same situation. Modern Europeans have bought into zero population growth and because of that are not replacing themselves, let alone growing the population, through childbirth.

Muslims are moving in and they are not secular humanists concerning overpopulating the planet. By immigration and by birthrates, much of Europe is on the verge of becoming Islamic states simply by Muslims being the majority of the populace.

Over 20 years ago I heard missionaries in Europe expressing that this was a distinct possibility. We could live long enough to see it become a reality.