Craft brewers fall victim to the ‘Baptist-bootlegger’ connection

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Bert Perry's picture that people generally do not drink good wines and beers to excess.  So ironically making craft beers more available would likely reduce the amount of drunkenness.  To draw a picture, if you learn to drink German pilseners, you're not going to like Bugweiser, Miller, or Coors.  If you learn to drink decent French reds and German white wines, Boone's Farm is not going to have much attraction for you.

For a comparison that the teetotalers will understand, what did your teenager/college student start saying about your coffee when he got his first taste of Starbucks or Caribou?


Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I have a hypothesis about breweries and their locations:

  • And it has nothing to do with Southern Baptists
  • I grew up in Cincinnati and there were a number of breweries in town: Red Cap, Hudepohl, Christian Moerlein, Schoenling, et cetera.  Link 1, Link 2
  • There were also a lot of Germans in Cincinnati
  • My take: Germans ... grain ... water ... you will have a brewery (I have some German blood (Grandma was a Van Vranken) so this is not an anti-German thing!
  • Last year I gifted my brother a book on Cincinnat beer history (before I wrapped it .... I read it)
  • As chilled transportation and mass marketing came into play, combined with labor strife; the regional breweries died out.
  • I drove by this brewery every day on my way to college.