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Bono's Unexpected Response to 'Who Is Jesus?' Question

"He either was the Son of God or he was nuts"

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I don't know much about him, but I like his clear affirmations of what he does believe about Jesus.

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After i had posted it, I realized it was from about a year ago. Nevertheless interesting. I liked how Bono used a modified version of the CS Lewis trilemma.

  • Lewis: Liar Lunatic or Lord
  • Bono: Son of God or NUTS

I gave Bono's (U2) music a try. When my IPhone received the IOS 8 upgrade, users received the gift of some U2 music. Not my taste

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One of my FB friends after seeing the video, expressed their delight that Bono was going to be with them in heaven. 

I, on the other hand, don't see anything in the video to conclude that Bono is a follower of Christ.

He reads the Bible and prays - OK

He goes to church 'sometimes' on a Sunday, when the service is over, with just his family - so not a part of a community of faith (BIG problem!)

He understands (likely has read) Lewis trilemma - OK

"...felt their lives touched and inspired..." - not the Gospel

" problem with miracles..." - OK

Nothing in the video about personal sin, and God's mercy and grace.

Some years ago, I watched the video testimony of a woman who is the daughter of a famous preacher. She professed faith when she realized that she was the only one in her family who was not going to heaven, and didn't want to miss being with the rest.

She left out the same things that Bono did!

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I watched it. Like JohnBrian, I am not convinced.  Some things that struck me as odd.

He said he look to Scripture for "poetic" truth.  Not just truth.

He does say that he believe's Jesus is the Son of God, even the demons believe that.  Nothing about a personal relationship with Him or what He has done for him.

He said the person of Jesus was not his way to understand God.  Isn't that exactly what the man Jesus was, the revelation of God?  If we know Him we will know the Father.

He prays - to Jesus, rather than to God in Jesus name.

Doesn't think church is important but thinks it is some how better to pray at church.

Based on what I heard he knows some facts and he is at best a "good" catholic, but not a Christian.

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wkessel1 wrote:
He said the person of Jesus was not his way to understand God.

I thought that was what he said as well but after listening to it again I do think he did say that Jesus WAS his way to understand God.

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