BJU To Host President of Hobby Lobby

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Events like this provide great learning experiences for the students.  When I was at BJU, I remember hearing from the man who invented the Snapper lawn mower.  I still recall parts of that man's testimony from time to time when I speak.


I hope it is a wonderful evening.


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Ironically, another successful, sold-out Christian by the name of Steve Green, who introduced a generation of believers to some awesome worship songs back in the 1980's and 90's, would NOT be so welcomed on the BJU campus.

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Imagine that...there is more than one Steve Green in Christendom... Smile

Dan, maybe Steve Green (Hobby Lobby) could ask Steve Green (songwriter) about his favorite worship song... Smile

Also, maybe Steve Green (songwriter) could ask Steve Green (Hobby Lobby) about his favorite hobby... Smile

So many little time... Smile

Glad to see that BJU is having Steve Green (Hobby Lobby) in to address their students and the community at-large.

Tom Vietti

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I wonder what church Steve Green attends.  

1 Kings 8:60 - so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the LORD is God and that there is no other.

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I don't know which church either Steve Green attends .. I do know that when you go into a Hobby Lobby the music they play are generally hymns.. Not contemporary christian .. but things like "Be Thou My Vision" .. and they're instrumentals .. 

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There is a psychological methodology behind the type of music in the background of most stores.  The kind of music you'll find in Hobby Lobby encourages a leisurely, almost reflective, pace that invites you to browse.  (I really enjoy their music and find myself humming through the store.  Oh wait, what?  I just admitted to the entire world I have shopped in a Hobby Lobby.  There goes my man card.)  If they offered something more upbeat, it would be more of a get in/get out atmosphere.  That's why you'll often find faster-paced music in places like restaurants (so they'll turn tables over faster) or teen stores (to encourage impulse buying.)


I'm a big fan of both Steve Greens. Smile


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Oh I realize there's methodology to music (or MUZAK) if you prefer.. I just think it's cool humming along and suddenly you realize it's a hymn .. not exactly average "elevator" music.. laugh..

Yep - I like 'em both too .. Wink


Hobby Lobby is a great business.. I've always had tremendous customer service there.. and the prices are good too ..