4 Reasons Christians don't take musical conservatives seriously

“Either by direct statement or by principles and examples derived from Scripture, [the believer ] can know God’s mind on issues that pertain to righteous living… . There is no area in life in which the Lord abdicates His sovereignty.”


This posting on SI spells out a big part of the reason why I am tired of the music debate, especially in the fundamentalist blogosphere. Whoever put together this post thought the most important quote in the article was a quote the author referenced from someone else which had nothing specifically to do with music (I assume the author quoted and the author of the post are related since they have the same last name). This may be an unfair statement since he may prove me wrong in his “Part 2,” but this blog author is doing exactly what he says he dislikes others doing: setting forth principles without applying them. I have more respect for the folks who say that any new music published or sung by anyone with questionable associations is wrong for fundamentalists and for the folks who say we should embrace all forms of CCM, even though I think both groups are wrong, than for those who put forth profound-sounding “principles” without applying them to actual musical choices. I think most fundamentalists agree on the principles, it is the application that gets tricky. If you want to write something worthwhile, write about how those principles affect your specific choices. We may disagree, but at least I can get a glimpse into how you applied Scripture specifically in your life and hopefully be challenged about that.

No wisdom, no understanding, and no counsel will prevail against the LORD. Proverbs 21:30