"...the high court found the law was unconstitutional because it criminalized sexual conduct between consenting adults."

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Law is very limited and it must side, as much as possible, on that of not overreaching. This is an appropriate ruling in my estimation. Obviously what a school can do is make it against their policy as well as an entire state school system. Legal adults must be treated as legal adults. Now, if the state wishes to change the status of consent to 21, well they might be successful in passing this law but then we enter into an even more ridiculous stage of self-righteous draconian babyboomerism and it is bad enough as it is.

Of course someone might introduce the 21 and over drinking restriction which I personally wish it, too, were struck down on the same basis because it should be. It is just as inconsistent.

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Not everything wrong should be illegal.
We're on the wrong track as a society if we think the abundance of laws can serve as a substitute for virtuous citizens.

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