Tim Clinton (AACC President) accused of Plagiarism

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Followed several of the links. Could have a case of "sloppy content manager" here, though that seems not to account for all of it. Could be most of it though... assuming Dr. Clinton doesn't maintain these websites himself (not at all unlikely). 

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We should be somewhat careful about applying academic definitions of plagiarism in the church, as historically the attitude of the church has been that the content we develop is shared--even the copyright laws are looser in church contexts.  Not that people get off the hook for using materials without attribution, but it probably is unreasonable to hold pastors to the same standards as professors.

That noted, it is reasonable to point out that pastors ought to be men of truth, and Clinton's nonsense claims about the Declaration of Independence suggest he's got some boning up to do in that regard.  Not that everything in Snopes and the like is 100% true, but a lot of these resources are a wonderful shorthand for "you might do well to make sure you've got a good source for that claim."  

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