An Old Soldiers' Prayer

By Col. Lewis Millett

Col. Millett is a Medal of Honor recipient. Read about him here.


I have fought when others feared to serve.  I have gone where others failed to go.
I’ve lost friends in war and strife, Who valued Duty more than love of life.

I have shared the comradeship of pain. I have searched the lands for men that we have lost.
I have sons who served this land of liberty, Who would fight to see that other stricken lands are free.

I have seen the weak forsake humanity. I have heard the traitors praise our enemy.
I’ve seen challenged men become even bolder, I’ve seen the Duty, Honor, Sacrifice of the Soldier.

Now I understand the meaning of our lives, The loss of comrades not so very long ago.
So to you who have answered duty’s siren call, May God bless you my son, may God bless you all.

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