Official Statement Released from Maranatha on the Resignation of Dave Jaspers

The president of Maranatha Baptist Bible College has resigned after seven years, citing personal reasons. Dr. Dave Jaspers became the president in January 1999. The Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Larry Oats, long-standing faculty member and administrator, as interim president.

In the past seven years, Maranatha has experienced a substantial growth in student enrollment. The College renovated the gym and built a campus daycare facility, two residence halls, a science building, and a new dining complex and classroom building. Twelve undergraduate programs, three masters programs, and three ancillary programs were also added to Maranatha’s academic offerings.

Maranatha Baptist Bible College was founded in 1968 by Dr. B. Myron Cedarholm. It has developed into a nationally recognized institution among fundamental Baptist colleges. Today, it offers undergraduate degrees in a variety of disciplines and several master degree programs. There are more than three thousand alumni serving the Lord and working in every area of the world.

The mission of Maranatha Baptist Bible College is to provide a comprehensive college education that is founded upon a valuable Bible core true to our Baptist heritage and that is set in a nurturing environment where serving the Lord while in college is encouraged and facilitated.

Maranatha has maintained a godly heritage by providing training that is Bible-centered, evangelistic, local Baptist church oriented, separated, and fundamentalist. The vision for the future is to continue the vision of the past—that of a Bible college dedicated to training young men and women for the Lord’s service wherever He leads them. The Board and administration is committed to maintaining the theological and philosophical direction and ministry orientation that has characterized the college under Dr. Jaspers’ leadership.

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