Merry Christmas from the Mathew Sims Family

SMALLChristmas pictures 014.jpgMy name is Mathew Sims, and I am married to a wonderful wife and faithful friend, LeAnn Sims. We were married in May 2005 in Greenville, SC. She has been patient with me so far, and God has been gracious in teaching us many things about each other and, most of all, about Him.

We come from different backgrounds. Her family is from Kansas. She grew up in a small town and has lived in the same house her entire life. My family is from CA; however, my dad was in the Navy, so I have lived in a variety of places from California to Guam to Connecticut to South Carolina.

We both attended Bob Jones University. I graduated with a B.A. in English and a minor in Creative Writing in 2005, and she graduated with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Psychology/Counseling in 2006. We were actually set up by a mutual friend in the fall of 2002 and continued to date until we were married.

After I graduated, my plans were to continue pursuing a masters in English at BJU and then possibly attending UNC for my doctorate. The Lord had different plans for me though. The summer I was married, He began working in my life and not only drawing me closer to Him but also giving me a desire to preach and work full time in the ministry. The next year I took a couple of classes at BJ’s seminary while my wife finished her degree. Then the Lord led me to Geneva Reformed Seminary, where I have finished my first semester as a full-time student this fall.

I am also working full time at Level One Centralized Leasing Solutions, where the Lord has been very gracious to my family by providing flexible hours and a huge population of seminary students from BJU, RTS, & Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (It’s fun times!). My wife also has been blessed with a job at PlayNation, where she sells residential and commercial playground equipment. Her boss is a Christian and has also been a blessing to our family because she knows I am in school. My wife also works at Pottery Barn part time.
SMALLpictures downtown 0223.jpgMy wife and I have no children currently, but we are looking forward to having a full quiver someday. The closest we’ve come to kids right now is a dog (that was a joke by the way). We have an eight-month-old Airedale Terrier (Lily), who keeps us company and has developed pretty good manners.

This past summer I contacted SharperIron about helping out in different facets. Not long after, Adam Blumer contacted me back about the possibility of doing some minor editing and article formatting. It was interesting trying to get a feel for what my “job” was at first. (It’s difficult to communicate efficiently over e-mail.) But things are pretty smooth sailing, and it’s been a blessing and encouragement working with Adam. I’ve learned a lot about professionalism and work ethic from him.

On the side, my wife and I enjoy running (me) and roller blading (her) with the dog downtown at the park and playing tennis together. I enjoy reading (of course), and I also operate my own blog Post Tenebras Lux and contribute at The World From Our Window with the Field bros. My wife is trying to start her own interior design business on the side (with all her free time—which is not a lot). She definitely manages her household well while helping put me through seminary! We are currently attending Downtown Presbyterian Church (PCA).

Merry Christmas From the Sims Family

Soli Deo Gloria

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