Advertising at SharperIron


A box ad consists of a rectangular image ad. Box ads are available in two varations: rotating and non-rotating.

Rotating means that your image ad shares space with other ads. It goes into a queue with other advertiser’s ads, and they appear randomly as site visitors view pages. Since a rotating ad does not appear to every visitor to the page every time he or she visits, these cost less.
The advantage of rotation is two-fold: it allows us to reduce the amount of space we use for ads and it increases visual variety so that the ad areas remain more attractive to viewers. (Pricing)

Non-rotating means that your image ad(s) display in such a way that one is always visible in the ad area every time the page is displayed. The position of the ad on the page may alternate, but your advertising presence is constant on every load (of the pages that offer non-rotating box ad space).
Since the visibility of these ads is higher, they cost higher. To keep the value high, these also have limited availability.


Non-rotating ad

  • $80 a month
  • $400 for six months
  • $550 for a year

Rotating ad

  • $50 a month
  • $200 for six months
  • $350 for a year


Note: Refunds are not granted after the advertising period has begun.

If you are unable to purchase ads via PayPal, you may mail a check. Please make all checks payable to “SharperIron, LLC” and mail them to…

SharperIron, LLC
P.O. Box 385
Baldwin, WI 54002

After payment, send the items below to SI Advertising

  • Your graphics files (.jpg, .gif or .png), preferably at 300x125 pixels in size
  • Desired starting and ending dates
  • URLs you want your ads to link to
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