The Principle of the Open Hand

By Paul J. Scharf

There is a dynamic that each of us must learn by experience that has the power to transform our understanding of the Christian life. I call it the principle of the open hand.

I have tried to determine who first enunciated this concept. Apparently, it traces to Martin Luther, who stated: “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”

Apparently, Corrie Ten Boom—one of the great Christian heroes who arose through the horrors of the Holocaust—loved that quote and added her own twist,…

Inerrancy: An Ever-Relevant Doctrine, Part 2

By Guest

By Kenn Chipchase. Read Part 1.

Surrendering Inerrancy Surrenders Inspiration and Authority

It is of great confusion that some who deny inerrancy would still seek to maintain the doctrines of inspiration and authority.10 How can an errant text be rightly said to be inspired or authoritative? It is fallacious to believe it to be so. A document that certainly contains errors is also certainly uninspired. Assuming the traditional…

Is Dispensationalism Dying? (Part 2)

By Paul Henebury

Read Part 1.

Continuing my personal assessment of the state of Dispensationalism, here are four more factors:

6. Lack of grounded, holistic Dispensationalist Systematics

I referred to this above but it bears a little more investigation. Dispensational Systematic Theologies don’t exactly grow on trees. And this is unusual amid the general popularity of Systematic Theology in evangelical circles. Here are the major Dispensational works that I am aware of:

Lewis Sperry Chafer…