The Davenant Institute: The Story of the Irenic Bridge

Podcast: "Brad and Colin believe that God’s simplicity, aseity, eternality, immutability, and impassibility are concepts that should be shared with the laity. ... Our guests explain the real value and purpose of education, and how they coincide with the philosophy of teaching and programs offered by Davenant Institute." - Ref21

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Research Shows Benefits of a Classical Christian Education

"The University of Notre Dame sociology department was commissioned by the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) to do research on their effectiveness. Notre Dame researchers, incorporating data from the larger Cardus Educational Survey, studied thousands of alumni aged 24-42." - Veith

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What Freddie de Boer’s “The Cult of Smart” Misses About Education

"Though framed and marketed as a study in education policy, The Cult of Smart wants to be much more than that; de Boer wants his readers to rethink the foundations of not merely meritocracy, but the notion of personal responsibility as such." - John Ehrett

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