Why the Church Has Such a Long History of Leading in Education

"Education doesn't make sense in a worldview that is only about survival. ... But with a worldview that says that the world itself came from a first cause that is intelligent, reasonable, knowable, and . . . wants to be known, there is solid grounding for actual knowledge, and therefore education." - Breakpoint

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Nation’s Largest Teachers’ Union Rejects Anti-Israel Resolution

The rejected resolution "used language that legitimized Palestinian terrorism as a 'heroic struggle' in the fight to combat alleged Israeli 'military repression' and 'ethnic cleansing.' It also urged the NEA to 'publicize its support for the Palestinian struggle for justice and call on the United States government to stop arming and supporting Israel.'" - National Review

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‘Education Reimagined’: West Virginia’s quest for school choice

"Through the decades-long work of Rev. Matthew J. Watts, a local minister in Charleston, we learn that the fight is about far more than simply boosting test scores or shuffling kids off to college. It’s about treating our children with dignity and allowing communities to freely respond to their needs." - Acton

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The Davenant Institute: The Story of the Irenic Bridge

Podcast: "Brad and Colin believe that God’s simplicity, aseity, eternality, immutability, and impassibility are concepts that should be shared with the laity. ... Our guests explain the real value and purpose of education, and how they coincide with the philosophy of teaching and programs offered by Davenant Institute." - Ref21

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