Should parents prioritize extreme safety or thoughtfully push their kids toward independence and self-reliance?

"Whatever one thinks of the prudence of the lockdowns as a means for containing the virus, they inadvertently doubled as an extreme experiment in what happens to children when they are over-sheltered and over-protected from the outward journeys of daily life. Yet, to a lesser degree, that experiment was already well underway before the pandemic ever began." - Acton

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Church Decline and Recovery During COVID-19, Part 2

"The National COVID-19 Church Attendance Project (NCCAP) represents our efforts to try to see the bigger picture. By gathering as many individual church stories as possible, from all over the country, we aim to provide a broad sense of the impact of COVID on the church and what the path to recovery has looked like so far." - C.Today

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The Post-Pandemic Small Groups Boom Is on the Way!

"The church did not 'close,' because the church is a body of believers — not a building, not a service, not an institution.... But Zoom fatigue set in quickly. I predict there’s a coming small groups boom, because online groups are just not the same as in-person groups. Right now you are in an unprecedented moment" - C.Leaders

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