Human Dignity

‘Human Dignity’ Rare Before Christianity

"In the modern West, we generally take for granted that human persons have an inherent dignity and worth that forms the basis for human rights.....In fact, however, the idea of human dignity cannot be taken for granted. As theologian David Bentley Hart powerfully argued in a recent article, 'human dignity is a rarity before Christianity" Intellectual Takeout

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Survey: Darwinism is to blame for eroding belief in human dignity

The survey "asked if 'Evolution shows that no living thing is more important than any other.' Forty-three percent agreed, and 45 percent believe that 'Evolution shows that human beings are not fundamentally different from other animals.' The highest levels of support for the idea are found among self-identified atheists (69 percent), and 18 to 29 year olds (51 percent)." WORLD

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