Cultural Christianity

Cultural Research Center: What Does It Mean When People Say They Are “Christian”?

"...the vast majority of American adults (69%) self-identify as 'Christian' and embrace many basic tenets of the faith. But a closer look shows that at the same time, many in this group hold views clearly in conflict with traditional teachings and only 9% actually possess a biblical worldview" - CRC

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The Case for Religious Liberty Is More Compelling than the Case for Christian Power

"[W]hy has liberty increased even as white Christian power decreased? One key reason is that the argument for liberty is far more compelling than the argument for power. A case for expanded religious liberty fits snugly within the post-Jim Crow American narrative of an accelerating process of correcting past American wrongs and extending the blessings of liberty to every member of the American community." - David French

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Gene Veith reviews “Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World”

Athiest historian Tom Holland "shows just how different Christian values and ethics were from those of the Greeks and the Romans and how the Christian mindset has prevailed in Western Civilization even among his fellow secularists." - Veith

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69th National Day of Prayer features several national broadcasts, many virtual prayer events

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, Christians are replacing in-person events with prayer walks and drives, drive-in prayer meetings, conference calls, Facebook Live events and Zoom and Skype video gatherings, according to Dion Elmore, National Day of Prayer vice president for marketing and public relations." - BPNews

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Podcast: What's with "Christian Atheists"?

"Esther O'Reilly joins Shane Morris to discuss the growing number of atheist or agnostic intellectuals--like Jordan Peterson, Tom Holland, and Douglas Murray--who reject Christianity's historical and faith claims yet also value the faith's contributions to Western civilization and our shared humanity, to the point that they defend Christianity against those who would ban it from the public square." - Breakpoint

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Reaching Cultural Christianity With the Gospel

"Many people I have baptized were former Cultural Christians who could not answer these types of questions. In their frustration, they began to realize something really was dissonant. The Christian faith they claimed to have held had little to do with anything the Bible said, outside of trying to be a good neighbor." - Challies

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