The economy since 9/11


According to the article above the economy in general has suffered since 9/11. But according to the book [B]The Coming Economic Armageddon[/B] what we are dealing with today is nothing compared to what is next in line! Anyone agree or disagree that things will get worse before they get better? I do hope the author of the book is wrong in some areas and things get better, but I fear the worst is yet to come!


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Haven't read the book but the Yahoo finance article that you linked to is interesting.

I don't think anyone knows where the economy is going to go.

For the unemployed, the going is very tough. Much competition for few jobs

For the employed .... folk are worried about being unemployed. At my office seems that ever week someone is being laid off

For investors .... not much joy

For homeowners .... many are ]underwater . I've heard that something like 30% of mortgages are underwater. Woe to them if they have to sell!

I sense that the middle class is shrinking .... the lower class is growing .... and the wealthy class likewise is growing