Transition: Matt Olson to Valley Community Church in Louisville, CO

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Before I take this too seriously, I am going to wait.  It could be that Matt is moving back to Northland.  I find it best to wait a few days after these announcements as the past has shown that we may be revisiting this discussion in another filing.

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Looks like a good church ... takes him back to beautiful Colorado where he ministered before ... and I sense the church is a good match for his position. 

When you think of it ... Matt and his wife have been through a lot ... fired .. hired ... fired ... yikes ! Reminds me of Billy Martin's experience with George Steinbrenner

So ... I'm wishing him well! 

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Being a friend of Matt - I was thankful for your thoughts and your prayerful hopes that this will be a good episode and a natural fit for Matt. I think it is - He has a chance to shepherd, preach and work with leaders who are being mentored towards ministry leadership. All of these Matt is proficient and passionate. I agree with you - I think this will be a great match for our friend and brother.

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