‘My Times Are In Your Hand’ – A Musical Experiment

By Aaron Blumer

It’s often said that the good is the enemy of the best. It’s also often said that the perfect is the enemy of the good. Both observations are true in different contexts, sort of like Proverbs 26:4-5.

In my own life, the perfect vs. good version seems more applicable. In order to finish anything, I often have to force myself to stop improving it, shrug, and say, “It’ll do, I guess.”

So, in the spirit of flawed-but-finished, I’m releasing some music into the wild today.

I’ll go into what this project is, why I’m doing it, and how I’ve done it so far…

“Would Jesus Wash a Homosexual’s Feet?”

By C. D. Cauthorne Jr.

I had never before been asked for a pastor’s opinion concerning a Superbowl commercial. This year was different. The most talked about Superbowl ad had as its theme “He Gets Us.” It features Christians washing the feet of those with whom they disagree. It ends with the powerful words: “Jesus didn’t teach hate. He washed feet.”

Some conservative critics claim the commercial does not represent Jesus since there is no call for repentance. Tom Ascol, the head of Founders Ministries, blasted the ad: “That kind of empathy leads people to Hell. And I don’t know that we can say that…

4 Reasons Acts 2:38–39 Does Not Imply Infant Baptism

By M.R. Conrad

Fifty days after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the apostles, filled with the Holy Spirit and led by Peter, ignited a gospel movement that spread from Jerusalem to the uttermost parts of the world. Acts 2 records the riveting historical account of timid followers of Jesus leaving their hiding places and boldly preaching to crowds gathered from across the Roman Empire.

A natural reading of the text would uncover no references to the later practice of infant baptism. Yet, proponents of infant baptism cling to Acts 2:38–39 as biblical warrant for this tradition.

Then Peter…