Extended Offline Time for SharperIron

Nov. 21, 2014

Starting 11/21/14, SharperIron will be offline for week or so. The plan is to resume normal(ish) acitvity on Monday, December 1.

Not to create a panic or anything but... we've been hacked. Though SharperIron was not consciously targeted, the server was infiltrated as part of an automated hacking spree known now as Drupalgeddon (theologians have not yet weighed in on the eschatological significance). The short version of that story is that engineers of the Drupal Content Managment System (which we use here at SI) discovered a major security vulnerability in the current version and posted and announcement along with an update to correct the problem. Unfortunately, for lots and lots of Drupal users around the 'net, hackers unleased automated exploitations of the vulnerability less than 8 hours from the time of the announcement.

SI did not update within that 8 hour window.

At first, it appeared we'd been missed, but last week evidence was discovered that the initial hack did indeed reach us.

So, as they say, "mitigation" is in progress. 

What this means to registered site users

So, sometime today, the site will go offline and this post (or something similar) will appear as a static web page. As work goes on in the background, even that page will disappear from time to time.

Meanwhile, our Facebook page will still be operational if you want to gather there and interact. We'll probably post a little news there occasionally too on how things are going.