How Outreach Has Changed

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Fri, 7/15/11
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How Outreach Has Changed


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Fri, 9/7/12
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Very good points. But, how to communicate this urgent need? How to break through the walls of apathy and get people to interact with those they know?

  • Should we encourage the "soft sell" approach? You know, "Hey, Fred, we'd love to have your family come to church with us! Why don't you give it a try?"
  • Should we encourage the "cold, hard truth" approach? You know, "Have you ever thought about why terrible things like (insert calamity here) happen? Doesn't it show us that we're sinful people!? You know, the Bible says  . . ." 

I'm not being philosophical - I'm really asking! This could be a good discussion! 


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Wed, 5/6/09
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Next Tuesday @ Toastmasters club at work

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