Perspectives on the latest Elephant Room event


Carl Trueman “a chat show in front of an audience is not an adequate context for hashing out the doctrine of God.”
Trevin Wax “[ER ] aligns more with the ethos of contemporary evangelicalism (public platform-sharing with anyone who confesses Christ).”
Frank Turk “Bishop Jakes gets the velvet gloves — including a complete whiff at the issue of egalitarianism in Jakes’ own theology and church.”

More from around the 'net Voddie Baucham explains his absence and position on the event and its repercussions.
The Christian Post: Reformed Crowd Asked to Repent for Attacking TD Jakes

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I have significant

I have significant disagreement with Voddie Bacham and Vision Forum, but I think he nailed this issue and summed it up well with his closing statement.

There’s just one problem: Embracing Jakes while rejecting others because we question his history of modalism and Word of Faith teaching... that’s the real “Elephant in the Room”?

Why is it that my voice always seems to be loudest when I am saying the dumbest things?

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