"Christians have little awareness of any controversy surrounding the Pill"


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I agree with the author's purpose here. This medication can also have other very serious side effects. I think it is a shame that, at least for many years, the conservative Christian community offered very little good information about it.

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We believe what we want to believe, at times. I was flabbergasted (from Greek - flabbergasteo?) when as a student at a conservative Bible college the instructor of the Marriage & Family class not only spoke highly of the pill, but also encouraged it.

There are two issues here: (1) Is "family planning" God's realm or man's?, and (2) if not God's realm, what parameters are Biblically acceptable?.

Without answering #1 (my answer is "God's" so #2 is irrelevant in most situations), this article deals with #2. If people do want, in my terms, to attempt to prevent God from giving conception, then they at the very least should choose a method that with certainly prevents conception as opposed to potentially ending conception.

I think that this ultimately is a theological issue (an abandonment of God's sovereignty, God's ability, and a rejection of what God clearly teaches about gender, gender roles, the purpose of marriage, and the blessing of children). This is only a small part of the overall issue.

This has been briefly discussed on SI here: http://www.sharperiron.org/obama-and-next-frontier-of-human-rights

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