Christian Missions in the Third Millennium

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Good point about "people groups"

Take for example the Twin Cities which has a large Hmong and Somali population. You wouldn't even want to travel to Somalia much less live there

Opportunities like these (and you could throw in Detroit with its Muslim population) are largely ignored by the old (and tired) paradigm of missions

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our home church here in Chattanooga

They have so many rooms (b/c it's also a Chrisitan school) that they have a Chinese and a Hispanic church meeting simultaneously on Sunday mornings. The Hispanic church was started by former/retired missionaries to South America. Now they are self-functioning. It's been neat to watch them reaching out and doing their own evangelism.


Our church also started an ESL outreach/classes on Monday nights, and they have a lot of nationalities coming to that. They have lesson, then break/snack/devotional, then lesson. It's been wonderful.

I know of missionaries who just moved to Bulgaria so they can reach Turkish students--Bulgaria is a popular place to study internationally.

It is neat stuff. There are whole communities in Kiev, too. Vitaliy's witnessed in the African sector, we've had visitors from the Arab-Christian church visit our church, too. It's great.