“I have been encouraged by what I am seeing among the next generation of Christ’s disciples.”

"I left both campuses genuinely encouraged about what God is doing in this generation of young adults. What I have seen of their love for God’s Word gives me hope that God is doing a good work to turn the hearts of His people toward deep convictions about His authority over life." - Dave Doran

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Gen Z wants to spread Gospel by example and understand others, study says

"...according to a new Barna Research study in conjunction with Alpha USA....More than half of Gen Z Christians, 53 percent, have a very positive view of letting the way they live be the primary witness of their faith to non-Christians, compared to 40 percent who have a very positive view of sharing their faith by testimony" - BPNews

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Generational Humility, the Queen of Virtues for Both the Old and the Young

"The fact that there is a 'generation gap' within biblical fundamentalism should not be a surprise to anyone. This is what generations do: gap. The main issue is to determine the best way to bridge the gap. Humility must be exhibited by both the 'younger' as well as the 'older'" - P&D

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The Most Pivotal Age to Keep Young Adults in Church

"After their sweet sixteenth birthday 73% of eventual church dropouts attend regularly, compared to 79% of those who stayed in church. By 17, the divide grows (64% of dropouts are attending versus 78% on non-dropouts). At 18, less than half of those who drop out are regularly attending (48%)" - Lifeway

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