Young Adults

Americans more likely to say it’s a bad thing than a good thing that more young adults live with their parents

"The share of young adults in the United States who are living with a parent has grown considerably in recent decades, a trend that many Americans see as bad for society" - Pew

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American Bible Society Annual Study: Most who identify as committed Christians are not "practicing Christians"

"Among Generation Z, Millennials and Generation X Christians whose personal commitment to Christ is still important in their life today, fewer than a third are described as practicing Christians, a descriptor that includes at least monthly church attendance." - BPNews

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Pew: Most in the U.S. say young adults today face more challenges than their parents’ generation in some key areas

"About seven-in-ten Americans think young adults today have a harder time than their parents’ generation when it comes to saving for the future (72%), paying for college (71%) and buying a home (70%)" - Pew

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