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Gallup: Americans' Confidence in Major U.S. Institutions Dips

"Currently, an average 33% of U.S. adults express 'a great deal' or 'quite a lot' of confidence in 14 institutions, marking a three-percentage-point dip since 2020 and a return to the level seen in 2018 and 2019." - Gallup

Related, at Lifeway: Americans’ Confidence in Church Drops to Near Historic Low

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Princeton Trades Classics for Diversity?

"Imagine a software engineering class that doesn’t make students learn computer code. That should give you some idea how ridiculous it is that Princeton University is no longer requiring classics majors to learn Greek or Latin. Not zoology students or English majors, but classics students. You know, the folks who study Greek and Latin culture." - Breakpoint

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On Being Christian in Our Strange Secular, Neo-Pagan Society

"One way to understand the so-called “cancel culture” of 2021 which has no tolerance for freedom of thought and expression is that it is the product of a Christian influence that is cut away from its roots in a living Christian tradition. The virtue of, say, racial justice is cut loose from its Christian roots and allowed to wander and do harm." - Timothy Whitaker

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Is Secularism Crumbling?

"European evangelist J. John thinks that it is. He notes growing numbers–a million over the last few years–attending his evangelistic events... the burgeoning number of evangelicals in France... large numbers of conversions to Christianity among Muslim immigrants. He focuses, though, on the sense he is picking up on that secularism is failing, and that the secularists are realizing it." - Veith

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Why white supremacists and QAnon enthusiasts are obsessed – but very wrong – about the Byzantine Empire

"No matter the provenance of the recent interest in Byzantium from America’s white supremacists and conspiracy theorists, one thing is clear: It is based on a very warped idea of the Byzantine Empire that has emerged out of the empire’s fraught place in our histories, caught between ancient and medieval, spirituality and bureaucracy." - The Conversation

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Science, technology, and why the west has become anti-historical

"Many people today understand science to be the only way to achieve objective knowledge. When we reject the notion that truth is available through Scripture or anything else, we are left only with the narrative of science, which assumes that the present is superior to the past and the future will be superior to the present." - Challies

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