Western Civilization

A Handbook for Thriving Amid Secularism

"Mark Sayers has not written another book on the challenges that face the church in the West, though few would be better suited to do so. He’s written instead a handbook for not only surviving but even thriving in our secular age. Sayers is the author of Reappearing Church: The Hope for Renewal in the Rise of Our Post-Christian Culture" - TGC

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Douthat's “The Decadent Society” Misses the Mark

"Douthat’s central argument is intriguing...it’s quite likely that the Western neoliberal order will keep limping along for the foreseeable future. ...There’s an interesting stretch of the book outlining possible alternative paths leading away from decadence, but Douthat is largely reluctant to state which paths he finds either historically plausible or normatively desirable." - John Ehrett

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“In The Decadent Society: How We Became the Victims of Our Own Success, Douthat pulls few punches”

"Douthat employs decadence as a diagnosis of 'economic stagnation, institutional decay, and cultural and intellectual exhaustion at a high level of material prosperity and technological development.'" - TGC

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Podcast: What's with "Christian Atheists"?

"Esther O'Reilly joins Shane Morris to discuss the growing number of atheist or agnostic intellectuals--like Jordan Peterson, Tom Holland, and Douglas Murray--who reject Christianity's historical and faith claims yet also value the faith's contributions to Western civilization and our shared humanity, to the point that they defend Christianity against those who would ban it from the public square." - Breakpoint

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Christianity’s Influence on World History Is Real but Easily Overstated

"Tom Holland’s Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World is a substantial work that makes a straightforward case. In Holland’s view, the teachings of Jesus constituted an ethical revolution that would gradually transform human consciousness, to the extent that we today find it hard to imagine credible alternative systems." - Christianity Today

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What happens when reason and faith are separated: An interview with Samuel Gregg

"In a new interview on his book, Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization, Samuel Gregg lays out how crucial the integration of reason and faith is to the West and what specific consequences result when reason and faith are separated from each other." - Acton

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