Individual Soul Liberty . . . and Tolerance

"Tolerance used to mean that real differences were allowed to coexist and to be vigorously debated.... When you engage someone who buys into the new 'tolerance,' the conversation ... will inevitably end with something like this: 'What’s true for you is true for you, and I am glad that it works for you, but it’s not for me.'" - P&D

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Book Review: “The Intolerance of Tolerance” by D. A. Carson

“This older view of tolerance makes three assumptions: ... (3) nevertheless they hold that the best chance of uncovering the truth of the matter, or the best chance of persuading most people with reason and not with coercion, is by the unhindered exchange of ideas” - Denison Forum

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I am very thankful that John 3:16 does not say, “For God so tolerated the world that he chose not to send his Son.”

"To coexist and cultivate forms of social cohesion are good things. Tolerance is vitally important. But tolerance of differences does not go far enough." - Paul Louis Metzger

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