A SharperIron App for Chrome

Google Chrome is now the world’s most widely used internet browser. And for those of us who have been using it for some time, this news comes as no surprise. It’s fast and efficient. And with the increasing popularity of the Chrome Web Store, apps are being developed to make common internet tasks more accessible.

But as with any good thing, it has its limitations. There is no easy way, for example, to add any old website to the “New Tab” page (the page that hosts all your web apps). So what do you if, for example, you want to have quicker, easier access to SharperIron? There is a fairly easy solution…make your own Chrome Web App! Here’s how:

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Tip #1 - Flagging Bad Posts

SI has a system for flagging inappropriate posts
At the bottom of each forum post, an icon appears that looks like this: .   Clicking the icon makes the post appear on the Moderating Team’s list of posts to check for compliance with the Comment Policy. For flagged posts, the icon looks like this.  

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