On Plundering the Egyptians: Remembering Common Grace

"unbelievers can, by virtue of common grace, come to philosophical conclusions that are helpful and true and can be utilized by the Christian. ... Though in recent days, when it comes to Aristotle (and Aquinas’s use of Aristotle), there are some who are quick to sound an alarm" - Ref21

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Exploring the Mystical Connection between Math, Mind, and Nature

"Philosopher Kenneth Samples has identified a set of truths that cannot be verified algorithmically or scientifically: logical truths, metaphysical truths, and objective moral truths. Some truths must simply be accepted to be able to do science at all." - Reasons to Believe

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Which Plato? Whose Platonism? Summarizing the Christian Platonism Symposium

"Given these various definitions, some of which explicitly contradict any semblance of a unified definition, Christian Platonism is nearly impossible to define since its commitments have shifted over time. Yet there appears to be a core conceptual agreement of transcendence." - London Lyceum

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Plato Is Not the Point: A Critical Defense of Craig Carter’s Proposal

"These five convictions Carter contends are derived from the biblical data and form the metaphysical convictions that accompany his twenty-five theses of what he means by trinitarian classical theism—which he uses interchangeably with Christian Platonism." - London Lyceum

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A Look Inside the New Issue of Credo Magazine: What does Plato have to do with Jesus?

"...a long tradition before them—from Augustine to C.S. Lewis—considered themselves Christian Platonists.... philosophy capable of defending Christianity’s belief in an eternal, unchanging first cause whose goodness, truth, and beauty explain reality and give this life true meaning and purpose." - Credo

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The Weakest Link in the Epistemological Blockchain is the Fallen Human Heart: Reflections on Jonathan Rauch’s The Constitution of Knowledge

"Where that Authority does not speak with specificity, I actually do look pretty much to the reality-based community for wisdom. But where he does speak, he outranks them all." - Mark Ward

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