Jesus Is Jehovah, Part 6: Excursus—Descent into Hell

"The phrase is rare, but it does appear twice in the OT. In Isaiah 44.23 it appears in contrast with heaven: “Sing O ye heavens; … shout, ye lower parts of the earth.” Here it clearly means the earth as distinguished from heaven; grammarians would call this a 'genitive of apposition'—'ye lower parts, that is to say, the earth.'" - Olinger

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“Some Christians today, in an effort to show they are not merely preaching ‘hellfire and brimstone,’ can unintentionally slide into a pseudo-universalism”

"In this video, I discuss the seriousness of sin, the need for justice, and what orthodox Christians believe about the doctrine of hell." - Russell Moore

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Time to Rethink Hell?

This is a formal statement from an organization called “Rethinking Hell!” This organization explains “our position in the Evangelical debate on Hell is that of Conditional Immortality, which holds that believers will receive the reward of immortality, while others will finally be destroyed (annihilated).” Below, you can read the group’s formal statement (also available to view on its website and to download in PDF format): 

Conditionalism is the view that life is the Creator’s provisional gift to all, which will ultimately be granted forever to the saved and revoked forever from the unsaved.

Evangelical conditionalists believe that the saved in Christ will receive glory, honor and immortality, being raised with an incorruptible body to inherit eternal life (Romans 2:7).

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