The Fading Dream of the Computer Brain

"'They showed you a simulation of some neural activity inside this. Suppose it looked different; how would you know that that was wrong or right?' Sitting behind the camera, I replied, 'Well, I wouldn't know.' Seung reiterated: 'Right, how would anybody know what was a wrong activity pattern or right activity pattern?'" - Scientific American

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From the Archives – Twelve of the Most Annoying Arguments Used Against Biblical Creation, Part 1

There are certain tasks I do not enjoy having to do on a regular basis. One that immediately comes to mind is garbage night. Every Tuesday night, the garbage cans and recyclables go out to the curb. Rain or shine, hot or cold, it still must be done. Even though I just did it seven days ago, they sit on the driveway waiting to be taken on their weekly walk. I stress this point in the hopes that you, the reader, will sympathize with me as you read my verse of lament and will join with me in singing the chorus of gripe: “O garbage night, O garbage night, I loathe you deeply, garbage night!”

There are also, in the debate concerning evolution and the age of the earth, certain arguments I grow tired of hearing. When these arguments are given, I confess that I find myself mentally checking out of the conversation because I see that the person is often simply parroting from others what he or she has heard and has not really thought through the issues at hand.

I think the debate is worth having, and I think many of the arguments against Young Earth Creationism (hereafter YEC) are good and need to be carefully analyzed and answered. But some of the arguments are just plain stupid. To be sure, many creationists have used very poor arguments in this debate that should not be used. I include in the footnotes a link to an article that includes a list of such arguments that creationists should not use.1

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An overview of the light travel time problem, how creationists have addressed it, and the dasha solution

"...there is abundant evidence that astronomical distances are at least qualitatively correct, with many galaxies being millions of light-years away....Therefore, doubting astronomical distances is not a productive way to address the light travel time problem." - AiG

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Terry Mortenson: A Critique of Wayne Grudem's Critique of Theistic Evolution

"As a co-editor and contributor to Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique (2017), [Grudem] presents many excellent biblical and theological criticisms of theistic evolution. However . . . I will demonstrate that most of his reasons for rejecting theistic evolution are also reasons that he should reject all old-earth creationist views, including the view of John Lennox that he now favors." - AiG

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