Baptists and Calvinism: Lessons from Sprague’s Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit

"The fact is that most of the early American Baptists were Calvinists.That’s the second lesson we can learn from William Buell Sprague’s Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit, a follow-up piece to my earlier article on Baptists and Preaching." - 9 Marks

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“I still read and hear horrible misrepresentations of Arminianism by Calvinists who know better”

"I think that Calvinism appeals to young Christians because it claims to have all the answers and a highly systematic explanation of God and the Bible. As they mature, many, of not most, of them change their minds." - Roger Olson

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Did Jonathan Edwards Undermine Calvinism?

"How can God be truly virtuous, truly good in a meaningful way, and foreordain the fall of humanity into sin and certain individuals to eternal torment in hell? It is impossible to reconcile Edwards’s account of God and virtue and 'goodness' with what he believed as a Calvinist about God’s sovereignty with regard to reprobation." - Roger Olson

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The One About Calvinism and Evangelism

"...there is a difference between saying 'Calvinist theology promotes evangelism' and 'Calvinists actually evangelize.' There is a difference between saying 'Calvinists have historically evangelized' and 'Calvinists do evangelize right now.' After all, isn’t it possible that we may fail to live up to our theology?" - Challies 

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“As a Calvinist, I can’t help but cringe whenever fellow Calvinists declare that humans do not have free will.”

"By God’s grace, my prayer is that my current attempt at taking on the topic of free will is characterized by far more humility than it has been in the past. Similarly, my objective with this article isn’t to win a debate nor to provide anyone with talking points to help them win debates. My main objective is to help us see ourselves in light of God’s Holiness and Glory while being thankful for His great mercy offered in salvation through grace by faith in Christ." - John Ellis

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Recommended Books for Studying Calvinism

[amazon 0875522637 thumbnail]

Having been asked to recommend a few books on Calvinism I thought it might make a good post at Dr Reluctant. I myself am about as much a modified Calvinist as I am a modified Dispensationalist. Although many will not agree with me, I believe that “plain-sense,” old fashioned grammatico-historical hermeneutics requires some readjustment of standard Reformed formulations of Calvinist doctrines.

My reason for this is that the hermeneutics of Reformed Calvinism, when aimed at eschatology, produces supercessionism and covenant theology. It is a hermeneutics heavy on deduction. I might characterize it as “deduction before induction,” whereas I believe it ought to be the other way round.

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