Parents complain after more than 100 students are baptized at NC Christian school without their consent

"My daughter calls me from the school and says, 'Mama, can you bring me some dry clothes? I got baptized today,'" one parent told The Fayetteville Observer. "I said, 'What?'" - CPost

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Too Young to Dunk? An Examination of Baptists and Baptismal Ages, 1700–1840

"With the help of William Buell Sprague’s Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit, I can examine the accounts of 45 baptisms from 1700 to 1840. Hopefully, this will provide useful insights into how children relate to the church and, perhaps more to the point, when they should be put forward for baptism." - 9 Marks

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What’s in the Water?: Baptism as a Sign of Addition (Part 3)

"The church is a mysterious monolith in the desert of this world. Its crisp edges are unmistakable, distinct, and visible to anyone with eyes to see. Baptism is no small part of that. In fact, as the sign of the new covenant, we could say that baptism makes the church visible. Baptism is the shape of the church." - 9 Marks

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Whom Has Christ Authorized to Baptize? Can Parents Baptize a Child at Home?

"Are parents authorized by Jesus Christ to baptize their children at home? Can a Bible study privately partake of the Lord’s Supper? From our special online event Made in the Image of God, Burk Parsons and Stephen Nichols consider who may legitimately administer the sacraments." - Ligonier

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Does the Book of Acts Teach Spontaneous Baptisms?

"Spontaneous baptisms have been receiving a lot of attention of late. With the hashtags #BaptismSunday and #FilltheTank, Southern Baptist Convention leadership have been calling on SBC churches to participate in a nationwide push for baptisms this Easter Sunday, April 12....Some of these baptisms will happen after several weeks of discipling and deciding; many of them will happen spontaneously." - 9 Marks

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