Exploring the Mystical Connection between Math, Mind, and Nature

"Philosopher Kenneth Samples has identified a set of truths that cannot be verified algorithmically or scientifically: logical truths, metaphysical truths, and objective moral truths. Some truths must simply be accepted to be able to do science at all." - Reasons to Believe

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If I Was the World’s Only Christian…

"If I was the world’s only Christian, or the world’s only kind of Christian, I would have good reason to question my faith....But it’s beautifully and wonderfully true that our God is the God of all kinds of people and that he is building a kingdom of young and old, great and poor, black and white, wise and simple, famous and unknown." - Challies

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To My Atheist (Agnostic?) Facebook Friend

I moved on from our recent, very brief Facebook exchange, thinking it would never come to mind again. I thought, “He’s not even trying, why bother?”

But it keeps circling back. You made me think about how my beliefs might look from your point of view, and you asked a couple of questions that deserve answers.

I’ve decided this, though: I’m not going to try to answer your questions in the messy, more-heat-than-light environment of social media. Instead, a friendly open letter.

One disclaimer: I’m not good at finding things on Facebook once they’re no longer in my face. So I’m answering what I remember as the gist of your questions.

  1. Can you prove that there is a God?
  2. If there is a God, why should I think I owe Him obedience?

I want to offer a challenge before I dive in to my answers. You seem to be a pretty open minded person. You were open minded enough to consider, at some point, that there might not be a God.

Can you be open minded enough to consider how it could make sense to believe there is a God? Let me clarify. I’m not trying to change your mind here. What I mean is open minded enough to imagine my point of view and understand the basics of what I believe and why. Some atheists have gone to the trouble to do this with Christianity. (This article in The Atlantic may provide some examples.)

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Does Christianity Require a “Leap of Faith?”

"Becoming and remaining a Christian requires a 'step of faith' rather than a leap of faith. And that step of faith is not unique to Christianity. Throughout life we do many things that require a step of faith." - Roger Olson

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