Is Complementarianism a Man-Made Doctrine?

"The word 'complementarianism' is indeed a relatively new term. But it is a new term coined to refer to an ancient teaching that is rooted in the text of scripture. On the contrary, Egalitarianism is the doctrinal innovation, not the biblical idea that men and women are created equally in God’s image with distinct and complementary differences." - Denny Burk

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Study: Religion mitigates feelings of depression by providing a sense of meaning

"A new study published in Trends in Psychology has provided empirical evidence for this claim by examining the relationship between religiosity and depression symptoms among 279 respondents to an online survey (72% female)." - PsyPost

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The Truth Is Always Good: A Tale of Two Books

"Last spring, major publishers released two books... Both authors covered similar ground, but from different convictions. The topic, broadly speaking, was anthropology: who we are as humans—and why understanding our humanity matters. One author took a biblical view and the other, by and large, did not. Both books still seem to be selling well." - TGC

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