Examining Our Aspirations & Worship in “The Great Resignation”

"The Great Resignation is an opportunity to reexamine priorities for those who were forced or chose to resign. Perhaps they were able to spend more time with their families, imagine different occupations, or evaluate their careers as divorced from money. The logical next step is to consider what they aspire to do with their lives." - IFWE 

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Antithesis without Common Grace Makes a Devil out of Our Neighbours

"I want to define antithesis and common grace in their historical context to show that these concepts, when held together, help us to maintain a Scriptural balance. They help us remember that the devil is our enemy (not humanity) " - Wyatt Graham

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Defining ‘Woman’ Starts with Humanity, Not Femaleness

"Conservatives quickly memed Jackson, portraying her refusal to answer the question as clear indication of progressive nonsense. After all, anyone should be able to define what a woman is. The only problem with this, of course, is that we’ve struggled to define what a woman is for thousands of years." - Hannah Anderson

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Complementarianism: The Difference between the Apple and the Worm

"people often confuse what the doctrine is with other associations that have little or nothing to do with the teaching. In short, folks confuse the essence with the accidents. . . .  You may bite into an apple that happens to have a worm in it, but you would be painfully mistaken if you were to conclude that worms are part of the essence of an apple." - CBMW

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Book Review: The Making of Biblical Womanhood

"Barr’s book is riddled with serious deficiencies. While there are areas Barr has identified as problematic that are problematic, she does not fairly explain or resolve them.... the faults in the book are grievous enough that they ought to lead both complementarians and egalitarians to find the book deeply dissatisfying." - Jordan Steffaniak

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