Supreme Court

Legal Conservatism After Bostock

"These failures, as noted by Senator Hawley in his speech, can quickly turn into a political liability for a Republican Party that has derived significant power from campaigning on the importance of judicial nominations. Bostock is a wake-up call...of a movement in need of change. In seeking such change, however, the movement should be careful not to make two errors that are currently tempting its loudest critics." - Law & Liberty

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Religious conservatives look to the next Supreme Court rulings on religious liberty

"Chief among them are two cases -- Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru and St. James School v. Biel -- that involve a 'ministerial exemption' to civil rights protections such as the one in Monday's ruling, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Right Act." - BPNews

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Religious colleges fear Supreme Court transgender decision will endanger single-sex dorms and women's sports

"This week's Supreme Court decision intended to protect gay and transgender people from workplace discrimination could infringe upon the exercise of faith, a group of religious colleges has warned." - W.Examiner

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'Seismic implications' for religious liberty, church in SCOTUS ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County

"The Court ruled, in an opinion written by Justice Gorsuch, that 'sex' does, in fact, include sexual orientation and gender identity, despite the fact that legislators repeatedly voted against including those categories in the legislation. So, what now?" - Russel Moore

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Supreme Court may change the future of abortion

Current law "creates a legal fiction granting abortion providers standing to represent the interests of the women they injure. This is similar to allowing a car manufacturing company to represent consumer interests when challenging a car safety law. Although not often discussed, this issue of third-party standing could be the linchpin in this case." - W.Examiner

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