Supreme Court

Trump's new Supreme Court list: The good and the bad

"...while there are some excellent names on Trump’s expanded list — Kyle Duncan of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is particularly impressive — there also are some people who may be impressive people but who aren’t legitimately ready for, or of the right legal background for, the Supreme Court." - Hillyer

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We Can’t Roll the Dice on Religious Liberty: Nevada, the Supreme Court, and Churches

"The Supreme Court has chosen in a 5-4 ruling not to grant injunctive relief to churches in Nevada in light of the state’s arguably inconsistent Covid-19 guidelines. In doing so, the Supreme Court let stand what is wrong: churches are being treated differently than similar gatherings." - Ed Stetzer 

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Supreme Court expands protections for religious schools from nondiscrimination laws

"The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that religious schools are allowed to fire religion teachers for any reason they wish, a major expansion of protections for religious institutions against nondiscrimination laws." - W. Examiner

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Why a “Conservative” Supreme Court Will Issue Liberal Rulings

"Conservative legal theory holds that laws need to be interpreted and applied according to their “original” or “textual” meaning. Conservative judges, unlike liberal judges, resist 'making laws,' which they consider to be the role of legislators....they also tend to have a high respect for 'precedent,' for upholding previous court rulings. ...Nevertheless, questions arise about how these justices applied their conservative legal theory." - Veith

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