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Supreme Court blocks COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses, allows mandate for health workers

"... the high court concluded that 'healthcare facilities that wish to participate in Medicare and Medicaid have always been obligated to satisfy a host of conditions that address the safe and effective provision of healthcare'" - CPost

See also: NR: Why We Saw a Split Decision on the Biden Vaccine Mandates

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Can a Christian flag fly at city hall? The Supreme Court will have to decide

"There are three flagpoles outside Boston City Hall. One flies the United States flag. Another flies the Massachusetts state flag. What can – and can’t – fly from the third is an issue being taken up by the Supreme Court." - The Conversation

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On New York vaccine mandate, Gorsuch’s religious liberty maximalism comes up short

"Gorsuch’s argument boils down to claiming that the mandates are not generally applicable....That means, according to the court’s latest interpretation, that such laws can’t treat 'any comparable secular activity more favorably than religious exercise.'" - RNS

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Supreme Court again leaves state vaccine mandate in place for health care workers

"The U.S. Supreme Court has turned away a challenge to New York state's vaccine mandate for health care workers — a mandate that provides no exceptions for religious objectors. The vote was 6-3." - NPR

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Why Churches Should Care Deeply about the SCOTUS Abortion Case

"No matter whom God ordains to function as America’s elected representatives, Christians’ mission remains the same: to make disciples. Based on Biblical principles, we submit to, respect, and pray for God-ordained authorities .... Our purpose is, therefore, to address all issues by how they affect churches" - Mike Hess

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What to Expect If You’re Expecting SCOTUS to Overturn Roe v. Wade

"the key question is whether five justices can be convinced that there is something sounder—more constitutionally defensible...that can replace Roe/Casey. The most important storyline in today’s oral argument will be whether Mississippi, in defending its 15-week abortion ban, can argue that there is." - The Dispatch

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