We desperately need the fearful and fascinating

"When God is rejected or considered irrelevant there is nothing the heart of man won’t use to try and fill that sense of emptiness. This doesn’t have to be in ways as sensational as mansions or sex or hedge funds; think of the deification of the environment or 'science,' or the endless advertising for the latest gadget or the perfect diet, or..." - Acton

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“Technoshamanism”: Why a Post-christian Future Is Still Religious

"Visitors are welcomed by quotations from French artist Lucile Olympe Haut’s 'Cyberwitches Manifesto,' which urges readers to, among other things, 'use smartphones and tarot cards to connect to spirits' and 'manufacture D.I.Y. devices to listen to invisible worlds.'" - Breakpoint

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"Spirituality is an expression of bottom-up faith and does not always fit into accepted patterns of theology or practice."

“For centuries, faith was top-down: Spiritual power flowed from pope to the faithful, archbishop to Anglicans, priest to the pious, pastor to congregation.

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