Southern Baptists

"...(W)e have to show up at such a conversation with the acknowledgement that we will claim a biblical authority that is absolute, universal, and timeless."

Al Mohler is “Telling the Truth About Truth” at the Newsweek/Washington Post’s new religion blog On Faith

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"...(L)ittle to no thought is given on how their Christianity will present its differentness."

This past Wednesday, I had the chance to hear Mark Dever in person. You can read my report, “Mark Dever is a Warrior; or, A Fundamentalist Spends A Day at The Ockenga Institute,” at my personal blog.

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SBC Controversy over Speaking in Tongues

Denny Burk fleshes out the story a bit more, and narrows the controversy down to three issues:
(1) Definition and Function of the Charismatic Gifts of the Spirit
(2) The Bible’s Teaching about the Roles of Women in Ministry
(3) Baptist Identity and the Proper Basis for Cooperation among Baptist Churches
HT: Justin Taylor

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