Americans Increasingly Mix Christian Ideas with Eastern and New Age

Belief in ghosts, astrology, fortune tellers, “the evil eye,” communicating with the dead, etc.  Survey details at Pew Research

Commentary at Click on Detroit

“Count Chandler Pierce, a 27-year-old cook from Duncansville, Pa., in that group. He was raised Baptist, dabbled in Mormonism, said he is ‘with the whole Christianity thing,’ most closely identifies with Buddhism and believes in astrology and all manner of supernatural phenomenon.

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Book Review - The Kingdom Triangle

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ISBN: 031027432X

In Kingdom Triangle, J. P. Moreland shows that, instead of retreating from the dual onslaught of naturalism and postmodernism, Christianity offers the only solid basis for a life with richness and meaning. Many “evangelicals” advocate blending Christianity with one of these impoverished worldviews as the only way for the Church to survive. Moreland’s critique of these views is extremely well done.

Chapters 1-4 form Part 1, entitled “Assessing the Crisis of Our Age.” Chapters 5-7 form Part 2, entitled “Charting a Way Out: The Kingdom Triangle.” The book also contains a forward by Dallas Willard, as well as a Conclusion and Postscript by J.P. Moreland. In addition, 15 pages of annotated bibliography and 8 pages of endnotes augment the text.

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Is Global Warming for Real?

(Reprinted with permission from As I See It, Doug’s monthly electronic magazine. The article appears here with some editing. AISI is sent free to all who request it by writing to the editor at

Virtually the whole of what the so-called main-stream media (including taxpayer-subsidized PBS and NPR) spew out regarding alleged man-caused global warming is propaganda of the most blatant sort, regularly dishonest, scientifically inaccurate, purposefully slanted and grossly exaggerated. Virtually the whole of the mainstream media—TV networks, newspapers and other print media, and the film industry—has sold its soul to spout the most extreme claims of the rabid environmentalists without qualification or caveat. We are assured that “the science is settled,” “the discussion is over,” “there is complete scientific consensus,” and “now is the time to get on board and act.”

We are fed the line (and lie) that …

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