Social Justice

Tim Keller: What the Biblical View of Justice Shows Us About Racism

"Is responsibility for sin individual or is it corporate? It’s both, argues pastor and author Timothy Keller in his article, 'Justice in the Bible.' This means, therefore, that we must address racism as an individual and a systemic problem." - C.Leaders

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The Problems with U.S. Policing Need More Light—and Far Less Heat

I spend at least 40 hours a week working for a non-profit devoted to improving policing—mostly in the U.S. I’m also a former pastor of 13 years and a seminary graduate. That mix shapes how I look at the recently re-ignited controversies surrounding U.S. policing and leads me to four observations.

1. We obviously can’t do without police.

The Christian worldview recognizes some realities of human nature and society.

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Nathan Berkeley and Phil Rexroth on the Church's Social Justice Temptation

Berkeley and Rexroth "draw on the work of Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay, Cynical Theories (paid link), who contrast 'social justice,' the concern for justice in society, with capital-letter 'Social Justice,' which is a particular ideological theory that they describe as 'applied post-modernism.'" - Veith

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The Place To Begin When Learning About Social Justice

"The book of Proverbs is about training the mind in order to live a God-honoring life, for right living follows right thinking. It exists so the reader can 'know wisdom and instruction, to understand words of insight' which will equip him to excel 'in wise dealing, in righteousness, justice, and equity' (v. 2-3)." - Challies

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Critical theory is not biblical justice, it locates evil in the wrong place: Tim Keller explains

"There have never been stronger calls for justice than those we are hearing today. But seldom do those issuing the calls acknowledge that currently there are competing visions of justice, often at sharp variance, and that none of them have achieved anything like a cultural consensus, not even in a single country like the U.S." - Keller

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