Social Justice

John Brown no model for Christian engagement: A response to Louis Decaro's Christianity Today essay

"Presuming to be God’s agent to achieve political righteousness through mass bloodshed is not a model for Christian public engagement....Fanaticism, certitude, sanctimony, self-righteousness and messianic impatience are never helpful companions to constructive politics or social reform, for Christians or anybody else." - CPost

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Beneath Our Social-Justice Strife Four Questions for Both Sides

"1. The Imago Test: Are we treating opponents as image-bearers? ...2. The Red/Blue Test: Are our minds hyper-politicized?... 3. The Justification Test: Are we seeking righteousness apart from Christ?... 4. The Fruit Test: Is the Spirit less evident in our lives?" - Desiring God

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Confronting Injustice without Compromising the Truth: 12 Questions Christians Should Ask about Social Justice (Book Review)

"Williams has probably written the best introductory primer that covers all the major justice issues of the day. With a biblical framework and careful use of logic, he demonstrates how to approach issues of justice with godly discernment." - Eikon

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Tim Keller: What the Biblical View of Justice Shows Us About Racism

"Is responsibility for sin individual or is it corporate? It’s both, argues pastor and author Timothy Keller in his article, 'Justice in the Bible.' This means, therefore, that we must address racism as an individual and a systemic problem." - C.Leaders

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The Problems with U.S. Policing Need More Light—and Far Less Heat

I spend at least 40 hours a week working for a non-profit devoted to improving policing—mostly in the U.S. I’m also a former pastor of 13 years and a seminary graduate. That mix shapes how I look at the recently re-ignited controversies surrounding U.S. policing and leads me to four observations.

1. We obviously can’t do without police.

The Christian worldview recognizes some realities of human nature and society.

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