Judge blocks California law forcing doctors to participate in assisted suicide process

"The 19,000-member Christian Medical & Dental Associations and Dr. Leslee Cochrane sued California over a bill that they say removed conscience protections for medical professionals morally opposed to any form of participation with assisted suicide." - CPost

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Much of the World Reversing Course on Treating Kids with Gender Dysphoria

"Though we tend to think that Europe is less “Christian” than the United States, in some ways, that’s not true.... on at least two major social issues, America has, for a while now, been more extreme than Europe." - Breakpoint

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Not cancelled: Dr. Kristin Collier at Univ of Michigan

"Rather than bow to the pressure... medical school dean Marschall Runge defended the choice of Collier and the school’s commitment to freedom of expression. “Our values speak about honoring the critical importance of diversity of personal thought and ideas,” - Breakpoint

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There Is a Secular Case for Life

"An atheist American can look at the shared humanity of the unborn child and believe it is just and wise to extend legal protections to recognize its immense worth and value. My friend and former National Review colleague Charles C.W. Cooke is an atheist, and he wrote powerfully last year to explain why he’s pro-life." - David French

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