New research from the Cultural Research Center: “only 39 percent of Americans today view human life as ‘sacred’”

"More than one-in-three adults (37 percent) say 'life is what you make it, but it has no absolute value,' while a little more than one-in-ten say 'life does not attain its full value until we reach our highest point of evolution and expression.' Another one out of ten adults admitted they did not know how to appraise the value of human life." - TGC

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Religious liberty lawsuit challenges Illinois abortion insurance mandate

"The Illinois Baptist State Association (IBSA) ... is among three plaintiffs in a lawsuit the nonprofit Thomas More Society filed Wednesday (June 10) in Sangamon County Circuit Court challenging the Illinois Reproductive Health Act's abortion coverage mandate." - BPNews

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Supreme Court may change the future of abortion

Current law "creates a legal fiction granting abortion providers standing to represent the interests of the women they injure. This is similar to allowing a car manufacturing company to represent consumer interests when challenging a car safety law. Although not often discussed, this issue of third-party standing could be the linchpin in this case." - W.Examiner

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Faith groups react to claims famed anti-abortion activist was paid to switch sides

"...according to a new documentary on her life, 'AKA Jane Roe,' which premieres Friday on FX, McCorvey made a startling claim during a 'deathbed confession' delivered in 2017: She was paid to embrace the anti-abortion movement.' - RNS

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