"A Chilling Account and a Word of Warning"

A thought-provoking article from Albert Mohler:
“There are important lessons here, to be sure. One lesson must be this: There will be theologians who seem ever ready to find a way to subvert the teachings of their church, even as they seek to remain in its employ and trust. The second lesson is like unto the first: There will ever be politicians who are looking for political cover, and will gladly receive this cover from those willing to subvert their church’s teaching. “

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What Next?

In The Nick of Time
The election is over. The candidate who was favored by most Christian conservatives did not win. So what comes next?

In one way, the election of Barack Obama is very good news for biblical Christians. It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate how our Christianity affects real life. We simply have to live what we say we believe.

For example, we say that we believe in the providence of God. Without ever negating genuine human freedom, God superintends and governs all that occurs. His will is sovereign, not only within the world of nature but also within the world of human events. Nothing ever happens without His knowledge and permission, and He permits nothing that does not advance His plan, display His glory, and (at least eventually) produce great good for His people.

Specifically, God is sovereign in setting up nations and appointing their rulers. He raised up Nebuchadnezzar as an instrument of discipline for Judah. He humbled Nebuchadnezzar when that most powerful of kings became arrogant. Then God raised him up again and established him on his throne. God appoints people like Cyrus, Alexander, and even Nero. He exalts them for a moment and then topples them at His pleasure. We should never fall into the conceit of thinking that we simply choose our own leaders.

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One Preacher’s Perspective

1072078_rebirth_5.jpgYesterday, the American people elected Barak Obama to be the forty-fourth president of the United States of America. Because the Bible says that leaders are “ordained of God” (Rom. 13:1), I do not believe there was any emergency meeting in heaven due to this turn of events. So when I heard the news of Obama’s victory, I offered prayers for him in obedience to God’s command (1 Tim. 2:1-4). Just like I did with Bill Clinton and George Bush, I will send President Obama a letter to let him know that he will be in my prayers. I will also let him know that I am available for spiritual help and service for him, his family, and this country anytime. In addition to these acts, here are some other things I plan to do.

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A Woman's Place

In The Nick of Time

The nomination of Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate for the vice presidency has placed some conservatives in a double bind. On the one hand, they have been disappointed with the less-than-thorough conservatism of John McCain, so the more “Reaganesque” position of Governor Palin comes as a welcome balance. On the other hand, their understanding of the biblical role of women leaves scant opportunity for a female to occupy the second-highest (and, potentially, the highest) office in the land.

At the moment, I am not particularly interested in the political issues involved in the presidential campaign. Theologians have a right to political opinions, but as theologians their views about politics should carry no more weight than anyone else’s. What does interest me is the moral and ethical question of whether a woman can rightly and biblically occupy high office. In fact, my interest is even broader than that. I would like to ask which roles women may occupy (rightly and biblically) in every sphere of life.

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Would You Vote for a Mormon President?

by Aaron Blumer

Under the right conditions, I would.

By now, the name Mitt Romney is at least vaguely familiar to most of us. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, is running for President and is a Mormon. So far, his fundraising efforts have been fruitful, and the discomfort of many blumer_vote.jpgconservatives with McCain and Giuliani has kept Romney in a strong position in the polls. Though his chances of being the Republican nominee are much smaller now that Fred Thompson has entered the race, an eventual Romney nomination is far from impossible.

Some pundits claim the Christian Right will never allow that to happen. In their view, evangelicals view Mormonism as a cult and anyone associated with Mormonism as an embodiment of evil. One pundit, who happens to be a Mormon, wrote the following:

Everyone knows that Christian evangelicals hate Mormons so badly that if they had to choose between a bribe-taking, FBI-file-stealing, relentless-lie-telling, mud-slinging former first lady, and a Mormon ex-governor who doesn’t lie, who’s still married to his first wife, and who supports the entire Christian evangelical agenda, they’d still rather die than vote for a Mormon.

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