"While Christians must never preach morality as a means of salvation, morality is certainly a public concern of Christians."

“In other words, we cannot preach the gospel without preaching morality. People cannot receive the good news without first believing the bad news, and that bad news is that they are lawbreakers and rebels. They must understand that morality is not an arbitrary convention, but that it stands over them in judgment and that it is a matter of divine imposition.

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"Americans' moral values are skewed to focus less on their obligations and responsibilities and more on their 'supposed rights and privileges.'"

“…more respondents found cloning animals immoral [62 % ] than doctor assisted suicide [48 % ]. A narrow 45 percent of Americans believe assisted suicide is morally acceptable. Cloning of animals also outweighed the moral importance of embryonic stem cell research [30% found it immoral ], fornication [36 % ], gambling [31 % ] and divorce [23 % ].”
Americans Rank Top Immoral ‘Sins’ in New Poll

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